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This Cozy Reader Holiday Gift Guide Has Everything Your Bookworm Needs

If there is one thing I excel at, it’s creating a cozy reading environment. I want a serene reading space that fills me with joy, to be swaddled in my cozy clothes, and have plenty of cozy bookish crafts and stories lined up.

This list is filled with gift ideas your cozy reader will love! Don’t be afraid to forward this post to send some hits!

This Nespresso machine

There is nothing cozier than curling up with a fresh cappuccino and a great book. This espresso machine and milk frother combo is a great deal for both machines.

Aesthetically pleasing coffee mugs

The flowers! The cherries! The wavy rim! The handle! These mugs are peak cozy girl!

Handmade natural soy candles

A personal favorite small business of mine is Booksandetcetera. These candles are beyond amazing! They’re made with quality ingredients and she has several scents to choose from.

Sophisticated matches

Pair those gorgeous candles with a set of quality matches in a cloche. Lots of colors to match the vibe.

This Barefoot Dreams blanket dupe

I love a great dupe and this one lives up to the hype. I’ve given this blanket as a gift on multiple occasions and people love it. Tons of colors to match the cozy vibe.

The viral book vase

This clever vase brings an emphasis on literature into the home in new ways. It’s soft and whimsical- perfect for the soft life.

Clips and scrunchies

These adorbie clips and scrunchies are exactly what a cozy girl needs to keep that hair out of the way of reading.

Cozy sweats

Name a comfier reading outfit than an oversized sweatsuit. I’ll wait. This set comes in multiple colors!

The coziest Cloud Socks

The failsafe gift for every cozy reader: fuzzy socks. These Cloud Socks will blow your mind.

VERSED cleansing balm

Is there anything cozier than coming home, taking off all of your make up, and settling in for a reading session? This cleansing balm/makeup remover is GOLD. Incredibly nourishing, effective, and removes waterproof mascara with ease. It’s also made from all vegan products.

A plant stand for *the vibes*

Create a cozy reading environment with this adjustable plant stand. Fill it with a little plant baby or faux plant, no judgement.

Adorbie book ends

These bookends add a subtle texture to the bookshelf and definitely align with the cozy aesthetic.

This reading lamp that adds a touch of whimsy

This printed pressed flower lamp is the perfect ambient lighting for reading well into the night.


Be cozy all the way down to your toes with these cloudlike Cushionaire shoes. They feel amazing and *bonus* are very on trend. Tons of colors!

House slippers

I cannot tell you how happy these retro smiley face slippers make me! And, those socks! Stop it. These cozy slippers comes in a variety of colors and have a rubber non-slip sole.

Gold Earrings

These gold earrings are perfect for creating a subtle, classic look. They can be worn daily and would look adorable with the above sweatsuit!

A Kindle

Perfect for reading anywhere on the go, this Kindle is lightweight and sleek. It holds thousands of books and boasts a long battery life.

These Kindle decals

These Kindle decals from TheLitHomebody are the epitome of cozy Kindle girl! She has TONS of art ready for instant download. She also includes directions for ordering through decalgirl.com.

Embroidery kit for audiobook time

These gorgeous embroidery kits are beginner friendly and come with everything you need for a cozy crafting and audiobook session. AndOtherAdventures has tons of kit designs in her shop!

This reading journal for cozy reflections

This reading journal is perfect for curling up and recording your life as a reader. It’s filled with review pages, reading challenges, and notetaking pages.

Book darts

Perfect for marking noteworthy quotes, these low-profile darts are perfect for every book worm.

NailsMailed nail wraps

Taking time for self-care through nail care is top tier for the cozy life. NailsMailed wraps are affordable and way more durable than other wraps on the market.

Simple Modern tumbler

With 41 color combinations listed, these Simple Modern tumblers are perfect for staying hydrated during those *reading sprints.*

This record player that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker is peak cozy

Cute meets functional and it’s an obsession. This suitcase-style Victrola record player also doubles as a quality Blutooth speaker. It brings all the vibes without even trying. Lots of color options!

Airpods Pro

These noise-cancelling Airpods Pro are perfect for escaping reality and sinking into an audiobook.

Airpods Max

Truly dive into another world with these noise-cancelling headphones from Apple, the Airpods Max.

This storybook DIY kit

Ultimate cozy craft: create a miniature book nook to live on your shelf. This book lovers kit doubles as a bookend and lights up. Perfectly paired with an audiobook.

A NovelTea box

This literary-inspired tea box is the perfect comfort gift for your cozy reader! It comes with five gourmet teas with reference to classic tales.

This bookish puzzle

A puzzle that combines books and plants? Count me in! Pair this with the NovelTea and Airpods Pro and your cozy reader will be one happy bookworm!

This bamboo bathtub tray

This bamboo bathtub tray has everything you need for a cozy reading experience. Space for snacks, wine, candle, and backing for a book or device? It’s a gem.

These under eye masks

Stay up late reading? These under eye masks will refreshed and refined with Collagen, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C.

This list is filled with gift ideas your cozy reader will love! Don’t be afraid to forward this post to send some hits!

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