Beauty in the Box: Your Fairy Tale Closet is Now a Reality

I can see the scene from Mean Girls now, “the limit does not exist.” That’s what I’ve been whispering to myself every since Beauty in the Box finally launched. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the feeling of “I have nothing to wear.” It’s a spiraling feeling!

Fear not, for Beauty in the Box is here and, friends, the limit really does not exist.

What is it and why did you start it?

Beauty in the Box is a clothing rental subscription that gives its members access to endless styles for one flat monthly fee. It’s a wardrobe made for main character moments.

I started Beauty in the Box because, geez, I have a LOT of unworn clothes. I call it a closet graveyard. I would buy something, wear it three times, and then never touch it again. I love to play with trendy styles! I love to look cute! But, I don’t love that it’s led to a closet full of dead fashion trends. Beauty in the Box allows its members unlimited access to thousands of on-trend pieces for one flat rate! For the price of two Target dresses (let’s be real, those dresses go in and out of style so quickly), members get unlimited rotations of clothing. As seasons and styles change, so does the inventory!

The biggest spark for me was realizing that this is a more sustainable way to experience on-trend styles. I don’t need to hold on to clothes I haven’t worn in three years and neither does a landfill. This system of fashion cuts down on fast fashion waste by allowing more members access to the same pieces.


  • Explore collections and fill your virtual closet. 
  • Discover new favorites with fresh styles added weekly. 
  • Receive two items at a time to wear for as long as you’d like, then return when you’re ready for more. 
  • Switch up your look all month long with unlimited box exchanges, free dry cleaning, and free shipping.

How do you use it?

Getting Started:

Start by making a free account. Everyone gets a free trial for 30 days without commitment. Scroll through thousands of options from your favorite brands and “closet” pieces you want to wear. You can filter by size, color, brand, and clothing piece. I recommend closeting at least 20 items to get started!

Closeting items:

There are two ways to put items in your closet. The first is to click on the image. You’ll get item details and read any reviews available. You can select your size and click “Add to Closet”. The second way is by using the hanger icon in the top right corner of each picture. This button allows for quick closeting while you scroll. You can quickly select your size and keep scrolling!

In your closet:

Your closet is where all of your favorite pieces collect and is an unlimited space! You can scroll and see everything you’ve closeted. You can “prioritize” items to signal that you would like them ASAP. You can “dart” items and they will be sent in 24 hours. (This is a $5 charge, but is great if you find something you want for an event!) You get two pieces in each box and it comes with a pre-labeled return bag. 


Wear pieces as many or as few times as you’d like- there’s no time frame! You can use “Return Notify” to get your next box on its way even if your bag hasn’t shipped yet. When you’re ready for new clothes, put your pieces in the labeled bag and drop them in the mailbox! 

You can purchase pieces you really love for a significant discount! I kept a pair of jeans I absolutely loved for 40% off!

What are your favorite features?

  • I love using “Return Notify” to get my next box in motion ASAP. 
  • I love the quick closet icon. You can find it in the top right corner of photos when scrolling
  • I love all of the different filter options! You can filter by brand, size, color, and type of clothing you want to see!
  • I love that dry cleaning is an included service! 
  • I love that there’s a maternity section! I’m not in need of it at this time, but I think it’s so cool that clothing rental is available during a time when your size will inevitably change!

Tips for using the service?

I recommend having at least 20 items in your cart to get started! You want plenty of choices, so your box is never delayed. 

New arrivals are posted every Monday! I like spending a few minutes scrolling new pieces and adding to my closet all at once!

All members have their own unique referral code that rewards $10 credit each time it’s used!

What makes this a service worth loving?

I love the sustainability of this business model! Styles change, seasons change, sizes change. Rather than paying for clothes that may get stretched out after a few washes, go out of style after a season, or not fit properly, you’re subscribing to a service that gives you constant freedom to play with fashion and get out of your comfort zone. It takes away the frustration of “having nothing to wear,” because pieces are always in season and in the size you need! 

I also love that I don’t have to go to a store to try on new styles! I can try it, wear it, and decide if I’d like to keep it or send it back all in the comfort of my own home! The free dry cleaning is nice too. 🙂

Ready to Get Started?

Start building your limitless closet for free RIGH HERE. Show off your style and tag us on Instagram @beautyintheboxstyle.

The Backlist Book Club

Books piling up faster than you can read? I’ve got a club for you!

Last week, I shared a post about why I started a book club. You can find it linked below, if you missed it. You may have read it and said to yourself, “This sounds great, but I can’t join a book club. I have too many  unread books already!” Well, sweet friend, I do too. That’s why I started a second book club just for bookworms like us who hoard and collect faster than we can read. There is still community to be found!

It’s called the Backlist Book Club!

Before we dive any further, let’s define a couple of terms you’ll read in this post.

TBR: “to be read”, books you haven’t read yet but plan to… at some point… hopefully soon…

Backlist: this is a loose term, but typically, this term refers to books published more than a year ago.

This club doesn’t operate like a traditional book club. Our goal is not to read a shared book and discuss, but rather commit to reading a book off of our own shelves, share our thoughts, cheer each other on, check in throughout the month and give recommendations of books we finally got around to reading!

To make it a little more fun, we vote on a genre to read within each month, but that’s really just a boundary if you want it. You have the freedom to pick up anything that’s calling to you!

Although our goal is to read one book a month from our backlist TBR, this club has led many of us to reading more than one! One month, I picked up a YA novel and loved it so much I ended up reading the next two in the series in the same month! You can find more on that series on this Instagram post.

We read a new genre each month and are incredibly laid back and supportive! We would love for you to come read with us!

If you’d like to read more about our more traditional online book club, check out this blog post!

The Bookcase Beauty Book Club

I can see the headline now, “Girl who previously hated commitment reading starts a book club.”

You may be thinking, “how does that even happen?!” For such a long time, I was so turned off by book clubs and buddy reads. I’m a mood reader through and through and the thought of letting a group decide my reading was anything but enticing.

But, like anyone with a growth mindset, there’s room to try new things. I began feeling like a key element of community was missing. For a while, I thought it was just an effect of my Instagram account growing and life becoming increasingly busy. I was feeling the need for deeper connections.


*Enter The Bookcase Beauty Book Club*

Book clubs were once very intimidating to me. It felt like a lot of commitment to one group and I was worried that by joining one, I might get burned out. By starting The Bookcase Beauty Book Club, I was able to set the tone for a club that is laid back and welcoming. I am so appreciative that authors are often able to join us!


I started The Bookcase Beauty Book Club in February of 2022. I tried several platforms before landing on Bookclubs. My kind club was so patient and open to trying new platforms until we had one that felt the most conducive to conversations and community.


Each month, we vote between 3-4 titles that we would most like to read. Throughout the month, we check it, ask questions, give updates, share reactions (and sometimes, oddly, recipes), and at the end of the month we meet via Zoom to discuss. We have been so lucky to have many authors join our club chats! We also have a casual virtual happy hour around mid-month, which we use to catch up on shows and other book recommendations.


We typically read new releases (within the last few months). This ensures that most of the club won’t have read it and will be able to fully participate. We’ve read thrillers, contemporary fiction, romantic comedies, and historical fiction.

We are a very casual and welcoming group and we’d love for you to join us!


I also have a Backlist Book Club made up of readers who need some commitment to tackling their TBR! Check it out and come join us if you need a little accountability!

Questions?! Leave me a comment! I’d love to chat!


This post contains external links.

Things to Do in Midcoast Maine: A Four Day Itinerary

Turn thirty, run away to Maine. That’s essentially what I did! I wanted to bring in a new decade in a new and beautiful place! Summers in Maine are legendary and I finally got my *taste* of the beautiful things this state has to offer.

Reasons a Summer in Midcoast Maine Should Be on Your Travel List:

The Lobster: Honestly, I’ve had some pretty pricey lobsters from some very nice steak and seafood restaurants. Before heading to Maine, I thought, “how much better could it actually be?” I sit here writing this corrected and informed. It doesn’t matter how great other lobsters have tasted, there is nothing like a giant, fresh lobster pulled out of the water that morning. It’s divine.

The Blueberries: Summer in Maine means blueberries galore! From late July to early September, you can find them everywhere- even growing on the side of the highway! There are stands on the side of the road selling pints of blueberries, every restaurant is advertising wild blueberry pies, pastries, and cocktails.

After I ate my first one, my eyes were opened. I specifically said, “this is a pocket of sugar.” They’re incredible. Blueberries anywhere else do not compare.


Pie and Ice Cream: Maine is extremely serious about their desserts! Everywhere you look there are ice cream shops and restaurant pie lists a mile long. Even our Bed & Breakfast put out fresh pies for guests each day!

The Weather: Maybe the most incredible experience, literal outdoor air conditioning. *heart eyes* Every day was in the low 70’s, sunny with an easy breeze. It was like entering a different world, coming from Texas, where the highs have been in the triple digits for months. Imagine: a place where you *want* to open the windows during the first week of August. It was so ideal, it almost felt like it couldn’t be real. Truly, too good to be true.


The Landscape: My first sigh of Maine was flying into the Portland Jetport. It was like rapid fire of brain processing: lighthouses, island homes, sailboats, calm waters, rocky coastline, greenery, mountains on the horizon. It’s beyond gorgeous- a true escape. There is no doubting why Maine is called “Vacationland.”

The Peace and Quiet: Maine is ranked the ninth smallest state by population and the 12th smallest state by area. With a population of 1.3 million over 30,843 sq mi, there is plenty of breathing room. The summer season is by far the busiest time in Maine, especially on the mid-coast, but even with tourists flocking to the area, it still keeps an easy-going, peaceful vibe.

So, you’ve got a few days in Maine. Let’s talk about the must-dos!


Where to Go and What to Do:

Wiscasset: We enjoyed Wiscasset as a lunch stop on our way to and from Rockland. I’m not sure that it has much to offer an active tourist. There were some nice restaurants and a great view of the Back River, but overall seems quaint and residential. We stopped for two meals at Sarah’s Cafe and Sprague’s Lobster for lobster rolls – both were impressive!


Rockland: Rockland is the lobster capital of the United States, so obviously the restaurants have a lot to offer. The downtown area is trendy with coffee shops and many art galleries. We even saw a pop-up hosting local creators and small business owners.

Have drinks at the bar and get a front row seat to the magic of meal preparation in the small kitchen of In Good Company. The teamwork, attention to detail, and fast pace are beyond impressive to observe.

Make reservations for dinner at Primo. Pricy and reservations are required, this farm-to-table restaurant operates within a Victorian house and is lead by two-time James Beard award-winning chef, Melissa Kelly.

Grab coffee from Rock City Coffee and take time to appreciate the local art within the many galleries along Main St.

Have an amazing lobster dinner at Claw’s. This was my favorite lobster roll of the entire trip- and I had many!

Watch the sunset on the deck of Archer’s on the Pier. Dinner and drinks have never been so peaceful. Don’t forget to ask about the pie list!


Camden: Camden is beautiful and filled with things to do! It has something to offer everyone. The downtown area is more developed than Rockland with many local shops, restaurants, and historical sites. This is a fantastic place to visit if you’re traveling with family.

Stop at Owl & Turtle Bookshop for coffee and a vacation read! They have a great selection of new releases, best-seller favorites, and classic editions. Books make the best souvenirs!

Grab lunch to-go from Camden Deli and picnic in Harbor Park or the Camden Public Library Amphitheater.

Pick up an ice cream cone from River Ducks Ice Cream and take a stroll down Main Street.

Book a sailing cruise with Maine Schooners and get a view of the gorgeous coastline from the open waters.

Eat dinner at Peter Ott’s on the Water– Located on the Camden Harbor waterfront, this upscale dining atmosphere pairs perfectly with a sunset and watching boats travel in and out.

Hike Mount Battie and Camden Hills State Park– Around a two hour hike, you’ll make it to the top of the Camden Hills to find a beautiful view of the harbor village of Camden. With 30 miles of hiking trails, this is the perfect way to spend a day of adventure!


Bar Harbor: Well developed and home to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor was the most active area we visited. Many different restaurants, vacation homes, hotels, and activities! We spent a day there, but could easily have spent an entire week! Acadia National Park, alone, deserves multiple days. On top of that, there are many lobster fishing and whale watching boat tours that operate out of Bar Harbor. This town definitely deserves your attention!

Hike Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park. It’s a flat trail, just over three miles long. It’s considered an “easy” trail, making it ideal for families with children. If you’re feeling adventurous, take the South Bubble detour on this trail and climb up to the top of the rock! It’s a breathtaking view that was worth the steep incline- definitely not “easy.”

Book a whale watching or nature cruise with Bar Harbor Whale Watch Co. See these wild animals in their natural environment. When choosing Bar Harbor Whale Watch, you help support whale research and conservation.

Eat popovers and drink lemonade at Jordan Pond House. Directly in front of the Jordan Pond trailhead, this restaurant is the perfect place to rest and recover after a few hours of hiking. Make sure you get the popovers and lemonade- they’re famous for them!



Day 1: 

  • Flight from DFW>DCA>PWM
  • Picked up our car in a TURO pick up lot
  • Headed “down east” toward Rockland
  • Stopped in Wiscasset for a lobster roll and pepperoni pizza at Sarah’s Cafe
  • Checked into our Bed and Breakfast, The Rockland Talbot House – they keep complimentary homemade pies stocked in the fridge at all times
  • Dinner and drinks on the deck at Archer’s on the Pier

Day 2:

  • Breakfast at our B&B
  • Walked through downtown Rockland and explored a pop-up makers fair- lots of local craftsmen and artisans selling their work
  • Drove up to Camden for the day
  • Went to Owl and Turtle Bookshop
  • Lunch at Camden Deli
  • Walked around the downtown area- there’s a lot to see!
  • Took a sailboat tour around the bay
  • Headed back to Rockland
  • Dinner at Claw’s – get the lobster roll “flatlander style”
  • Nightcap drinks at In Good Company
  • Back home to our B&B for homemade pie

Day 3:

  • Woke up early and drove to Bar Harbor to spend the day at Acadia National Park- it’s about a two hour drive from Rockland
  • Had breakfast on the dock at Sunrise Cafe
  • Hiked around Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park – approximately 3mi – very family friendly path
  • Took a detour while hiking Jordan Pond and climbed South Bubble – while there were some children making this climb, definitely not an easy path. 
  • Lunch at Jordan Pond House
  • Drove to Sand Beach and stuck our feet in the icy Atlantic waters
  • Dinner at Paddy’s Irish Pub in Bar Harbor – not what we had planned, but we were hungry after a day exploring. They may be an Irish pub on the coast of Maine, but they made some Texas-style margaritas that made use extremely happy.
  • Drove back to Rockland and ended the night with more homemade pie at the B&B

Day 4:

  • Breakfast at our B&B
  • Scenic drive back toward Portland
  • Lunch at McLoon’s – lobster rolls were insanely good! Get there right at 11am and beat the long line
  • Drinks at Stroudwater Distillery in Portland
  • Dropped out car back off at the TURO parking lot – bonus: the car owner then drove us to the airport!
  • Flight from PWM>ORD>DFW

There you have it! If you follow me on Instagram, you know we also went on a Lobster Roll Tour through midcoast Maine. I’m working on a foodie blog post that covers each sandwich with locations and ratings. Be sure to subscribe to blog posts so it arrives right to your inbox!

What did I miss?! What are your must-dos when spending your summer in #Vacationland?!

Leave me a comment!

Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez Five Star Review

I recently read Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez and it was a total five star read! It will be one that’s added to the stack of Five Star Reads of 2022! This historical fiction based on true events will completely captivate you.

I selected this as one of my Book of the Month picks a few months ago. If you’re not familiar with Book of the Month, it’s a fantastic subscription service. I’ve been a member for five years with no plans to stop. Some of my all-time favorites like Pachinko, The Poisonwood Bible, and The People We Keep have been discovered through this service. You can click here and get your first box for only $5!


Take My Hand

Take My Hand is one that will sit with you for a long time. Based on real events, this story takes place in Montgomery, Alabama. Civil Townsend is a young nurse who is determined to help her patients at the family planning clinic.

Two of her first patients are 11- and 13-year-old sisters that are being administered monthly birth control shots, despite not being sexually active. They are poor and Black, and for those in control of the family’s welfare benefits, that’s all that’s needed to justify mandatory shots.


One day, Civil discovers something horrific and irreparable has happened to the girls. She vows then and there to advocate for these girls and their family. They take their case all the way to the Supreme Court.

I was in the trenches for this one. Civil internally debates many of the issues that are still debated today, in respect to birth control and abortion. It broke me to keep remembering that this was based on real events.


It’s moving and emotional. It was absolutely an “I’m not stopping until it’s done” book. A one-day read. The narration is incredible. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend the audio file.

Check out my review on Instagram for more on this beautiful book!

You can purchase Take My Hand here.

You can also browse all of my favorite books in my Amazon Storefront.

Have you read Take My Hand? Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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