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2023 Holiday Tech Gifts for the Reader

Get ready to forward this post to the next person that asks, “What’s on your holiday list?”

I’ve gathered my favorite and most popular tech gifts of 2023, and there is something for literally everyone! Buckle up and get ready to say, “omg that’s genius!”

An iPad

Whether you’re reading ebooks, writing in your digital journal, or watching a book-to-screen adaptation, an iPad is an incredible multi-functional gift!

These iPad accessories

This paperlike screen protector, iPad pen dupe (at a fraction of the cost), and neutral case are the perfect accessories to pair with your new device!

AirPods Pro

These AirPods Pro are the ultimate gift to your tech girlies! The noise-cancelling and transparency modes make listening possible in any setting.

A portable charger

The backbone gift for anyone who is always on the go! This portable charger is slim enough to keep in your bag or crossbody without getting in the way!

These XL phone charging cords

These 10ft cords + lightening chargers are perfect for every techie who hates being bound by charging time. Bonus: they are great for travel!

A Kindle + hands-free accessories

Take your reading on the go with this Kindle! It can hold thousands of titles and boasts an incredible battery life. The gooseneck holder and Bluetooth remote will change your life with hands-free reading in bed.

This LED reading light

Lightweight and functional, this neck reading light is perfect for reading after dark!

These motion sickness glasses

Chalk this up to evolutionary technology, rather than digital. These motion sickness glasses won’t win any fashion awards, but they will allow you to read for hours on planes, trains, and automobiles!

This temperature controlled smart mug

The future is now, friends! Coffee that never gets cold. Perfect for the cozy techie.

A walking pad

Working from home never felt so good with this walking pad! It’s the gift everyone is eyeing!

A standing desk

Keep an active work environment with a walking pad + standing desk combo. We’re staying healthy in the new year!

An Apple Watch

Take your tech to new levels with the Apple Watch. Health monitoring, cellular connectivity, and safety features – this smart watch has to most versatility of any brand on the market.

A MacBook Pro

Level up your screen, processing, and editing abilities with the new MacBook Pro. This device boasts up to 22 hours of battery life!

The iPhone 15

New year, new phone! The iPhone 15 will absolutely be one of the biggest gifts of the holiday season. This version boasts Apple’s highest quality camera to date!

This mini fridge for beauty products (or snacks)

Keep your skin care essentials in top condition with this countertop fridge + lighted mirror display. No one will know if you fill it chocolate instead.

The Instax instant camera

Take photos and live in the moment with this Instax instant camera! Don’t forget the film!

This muscle massaging gun

I swear by this muscle massaging gun! From workout recovery to waking up with a sore neck, it’s perfect for everything!

A mini portable projector

Love to travel? Camp? Want to create a magical space for your kids? This mini portable projector connects to your phone with 1080P HD quality and comes with a convenient carrying case to turn any space into a movie theater.

Air Tags

These little guys are the lifesavers! Throw one in your suitcase, add one to your pet’s collar, and keep on in your car. Air Tags are an incredible way to keep your most valuable things safe and sound!

This mini photo printer

Journaling, scrapbooking, or just printing a new memory – this mini printer connects to your phone and allows for instant photo quality printing!

This face-tracking phone mount for easy recording

For the vlogger in your life, this auto-tracking phone mount will follow the subject its focused on. It’s like a robot video assistant!

A Dyson Purifier Hot+Cold

Breathe easier with this air purifier from Dyson that combines HEPA filtration and temperature control settings.

A Nespresso machine + milk frother

Elevate your morning coffee with this Nespresso machine and milk frother. This is the smoothest, silkiest, easiest at-home espresso and the frother makes both hot and cold foam!

This waterproof speaker for audiobooks in the shower

Take your podcasts, audiobooks, and music everywhere with this easily portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s waterproof and has a carabiner attachment for travel wherever you’re going!

This Victrola record player for *the vibes*

This record player combines new age Bluetooth technology and old school classic charm. It’s perfect for any mood!

A Hatch alarm clock

Wake up in a more natural and intentional way with this alarm clock that wakes you up gently and supports your natural circadian rhythms.

This electric kettle for serving the tea

Adorable gooseneck design aside, this electric kettle comes with a quick-heating hot plate and a one-year warranty. Fellow Stagg doesn’t mess around when it comes to tea.

A light therapy mask for ultimate self-care

The biggest development in self-care over the past year has been light therapy. It’s taking the beauty industry by storm with emphasis on multiple forms of skin repair. This light therapy mask brings MedSpa into the home at an affordable cost per use.

This tripod and Bluetooth remote

A staple for every techie, this tripod and Bluetooth remote is perfect for staging photos, filming video, and working efficiently when you’re a team of one!

A Bluetooth keyboard

One of my favorite gift suggestions is this Bluetooth keyboard! Connect it to your phone type messages, memos, and notes with ease!

I hope this list is helpful! What other tech gifts are on your holiday list?

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