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The Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Bookstagrammer on Your List

What is Bookstagram?! BookTok?! What is going on?

Fam, reading is cool again and we’re talking about it in big ways! Bookstagram, BookTok, and BookTube are niche communities on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where accounts are solely devoted to talking about books! This community has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years with no slowing down in sight! Why?

Because reading is cool again.

Depending on who you ask, it never stopped being cool, but there’s been a huge resurgence of adult reading with celebrity book clubs, increase in book-to-film adaptations, trending book subscriptions, online book clubs, and the rapid popularity of authors like Colleen Hoover, Emily Henry, and Rebecca Yarros.

This list is filled with gifts that your bookworm will love!

Airpods Pro

Perfect for audiobooks and literary podcasts, these noise-cancelling Airpods Pro are perfect for readers on the go!

This tripod with a Bluetooth remote

A staple item for anyone producing social content, this tripod and Bluetooth remote makes self-recorded content a breeze.

A NailsMailed subscription

Book reviewing requires a surprising amount of hand content… These affordable and durable nail wraps allow for quick nail changes to match any book cover.

This phone stand

Simple and basic, this phone stand is perfect for tabletop self-recording.

Goldie Locks Flyaway Stick

There is nothing worse than getting ready to shoot content and having a million flyaways. This pomade stick is compact and works like a charm to create a sleek look!

Bluetooth keyboard

Write whenever inspiration strikes with this Bluetooth keyboard! My personal favorite combination is this keyboard and the above phone stand. I can easily type captions right on my phone in the notes app!

These adorable bookends

Bring a pop of happy color to any book collection with these adorbie rainbow bookends.

A Kindle

Give your reader the gift of reading through social engagements, I mean the Kindle! Lightweight, holds thousands of books, and boasts a great battery life.

This Kindle holder and Bluetooth remote to turn pages #handsfree

The ultimate cozy girl set up is laying in bed, reading your Kindle HANDS FREE. Your Kindle reader is going to lose their mind.

This removable MagSafe PopSocket that’s both sleek and functional

PopSockets are lifesavers for content creators! They make holding a phone so much easier on the hand. This MagSafe PopSocket is easily removeable when it’s time to snap your phone into the tripod for filming!

Book darts, magnetic bookmarks, and colorful tabs

Crafting book reviews requires TOOLS. These are necessities and I stand by them – book darts, low profile magnetic bookmarks, and colorful tabs are the bookwork equivalent of a teacher and fresh school supplies. I don’t know the science, but it’s there.

Annotating pens and highlighters

Same science as above! Tabs needs proper tools for notetaking.

This reading journal for documenting reviews

This reading journal is perfect for the reader who loves to reflect. With room for 120 book reviews, reading challenges, and notetaking pages, this journal can be personalized to fit each reader’s needs.

This 2024 planner

Planning content across the weeks and months is a understood step for anyone with an active social medial platform. This planner has just the calendar space needed without the extra bulk of other planners.

A portable charger to keep the phone in check

Batteries can drain quickly after filming a batch of content. This sleek portable charger is perfect for charging wherever you’re at!

An extra long charger so filming doesn’t have to stop

I have these chargers all over my house! They’re great for keeping the content rolling and are *bonus* great for traveling!

Motion sickness glasses so they can read in the car #fashion

VERIFIED. These motion sickness glasses may not win any fashion awards, but they sure do work! You can read for hours in the car with these glasses. You may need small hair clips to keep them in place, but to be able to read in the car, I’ll take them!

A personalized page embosser or stamp

There is nothing more official than an embosser that says “from the library of…” This personalized embosser or stamp will be treasured gift to your bookworm for years!

This essential 3-tier rolling cart for the overflowing TBR

If there is one fallback gift you can count on your bookworm loving, it’s this rolling cart. They are super functional and super trendy!

Book sleeves to keep books safe

Whether you’re traveling across the world or to the dentist’s office, these book sleeves will keep your books safe and sound!

Tote bags for trips to the bookstore

The limit does not exist when it comes to tote bags and this Kate Spade bag is no exception. It’s perfect for trips to the bookstore or library.

Any of the above gifts will surely delight the Bookstagrammer, BookTokker, or BookTuber in your life!

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