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Five Books to Read this Fall if You’re a Mood Reader

I read nine books in September and these are the five that made the biggest impressions. To my surprise, they’re all entirely different vibes.

No matter your mood this fall, these five selections are the perfect picks to keep you out of a reading slump! Dare I say, one may even become your favorite read of the year.

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Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Genre: Fantasy/ New Adult

This is definitely the standout book of the year! It’s action-packed, exciting, and irresistibly hard to put down! If Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Divergent combined to be one book, it would be Fourth Wing. I’m not a fantasy reader and I devoured it! It’s easily approachable and isn’t doesn’t overwhelm the reader with a great depth of world-building. Give it a go if you’re craving a new generation of dragons and adventure!

Tom Lake by Ann Patchett

Genre: Literary Fiction

This book is beautiful inside and out! It’s an honest meditation on life before parenthood, life as a young adult, navigating love and relationships, and the decisions we make that chart our lives. It’s a heart-song to the theater and the passion that lives within actors. The audiobook is not to be missed! Meryl Streep narrates this story in a way that feels like it was written for her. It’s incredibly touching. Read this when you need a cozy comfort.

Bright Young Women by Jessica Knoll

Genre: Thriller/ Crime

This book is electric!! It essentially the untold victims’ side of the Ted Bundy murders, but not once is he called by name. Rather, he’s referred to as “the defendant.” There are multiple perspectives and timelines, one of them coming from the president of the sorority house at FSU, where the infamous murders took place. As propulsive as this book is, it is not gruesome. Knoll is an incredibly talented writer and I found myself unable to put down this sharp book. Pick this one up when you need a hint of true crime.

My Darling Girl by Jennifer McMahon

Genre: Horror

I am a huge fan of Jennifer McMahon! She writes the creepiest, twistiest horror stories that often center on children. That may be a deal-breaker for some, but it adds to the suspense for me! This book has an element of dark magic and evil forces. There’s just enough of a psychological that will keep you guessing about what’s really going on. This won’t be a fit for every reader, but grab a copy of this one if you’re in the mood for a spooky horror!

Magnolia Parks by Jessa Hastings

Genre: Romance/ New Adult

This book is for every Gossip Girl fan out there! This is Blair and Chuck reimaged as London socialites. They’re affluent, self-involved, and very immature when it comes to relationships. But, they just can’t quit each other. If you loved the GG world, then you need to grab a copy of Magnolia Parks asap! This is the perfect book to pair your that pumpkin spice latte on a crisp day.

Those were the highlights of September reads! If you believe we have similar reading tastes and you want to know more about the books that don’t work for me, check out this reel for more information!

Let me know if you read any of these books! I’d love to chat!

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