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The Bookcase Beauty Backlist Club

Books piling up faster than you can read? I’ve got a club for you!

Last week, I shared a post about why I started a book club. You can find it linked below, if you missed it. You may have read it and said to yourself, “This sounds great, but I can’t join a book club. I have too many  unread books already!” Well, sweet friend, I do too. That’s why I started a second book club just for bookworms like us who hoard and collect faster than we can read. There is still community to be found!

It’s called the Backlist Book Club!

Before we dive any further, let’s define a couple of terms you’ll read in this post.

TBR: “to be read”, books you haven’t read yet but plan to… at some point… hopefully soon…

Backlist: this is a loose term, but typically, this term refers to books published more than a year ago.

This club doesn’t operate like a traditional book club. Our goal is not to read a shared book and discuss, but rather commit to reading a book off of our own shelves, share our thoughts, cheer each other on, check in throughout the month and give recommendations of books we finally got around to reading!

To make it a little more fun, we vote on a genre to read within each month, but that’s really just a boundary if you want it. You have the freedom to pick up anything that’s calling to you!

Although our goal is to read one book a month from our backlist TBR, this club has led many of us to reading more than one! One month, I picked up a YA novel and loved it so much I ended up reading the next two in the series in the same month! You can find more on that series on this Instagram post.

We read a new genre each month and are incredibly laid back and supportive! We would love for you to come read with us!

If you’d like to read more about our more traditional online book club, check out this blog post!

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