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Top Five-Star Book Recommendations of 2022

Okay, okay, top five-star recommendations for the first half of 2022! I’ve done the vetting, so you don’t have to! Whether you’re looking for something sweet and sappy or criminally thrilling, there’s a five-star book for you on this list!

For me, this is more than just a stack of books I enjoyed. It’s a stack of memories throughout the first half of this year. I can look at each of these books that had a profound impression on me and recall where I was during that time- physically and emotionally. That’s a sign a story has really stuck with me.

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So, without further adieu, here are 13 five-star books I’ve read in 2022!

I’ll Be You by Janelle Brown was one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait long to get my hands on it! Identical twins? Hollywood child stars? Mysterious cult disappearance? It’s a read that will keep you turning pages!

I’ve linked I’ll Be You for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

If you’ve never read any of Abby Jimenez’s books, start with this one! This is the fourth book of hers that I’ve read and it’s now my favorite. Trust me when I say that is SAYING SOMETHING. She is a master crafter of stories that discuss hard topics that are well balanced with humor and love. This one will have you feeling all of the emotions!

I’ve linked Part of Your World for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

If you’ve spent any time on this blog or my Instagram page, you know I love Elin Hilderbrand. Her latest summer read is perfect! A medley of characters working to revive an old hotel with a bad reputation in order to gain sought after notoriety from an anonymous online hotel reviewer. I LOVED everything about it, especially the resident ghost, Grace. She had me laughing constantly. Pick it up for a sunshine escape wherever you are!

I’ve linked The Hotel Nantucket for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

It takes a LOT for me to give a thriller five stars these days. The more of them I read, the harder it becomes for me not to guess the ending. If I can figure it out, it’s not getting five stars. This one earned all of my praises! I ripped through it in a day, couldn’t put it down, and the ending had me in shock. This one has gone surprisingly under the radar and I’m not sure why. It’s fantastic!!

I’ve linked The Children on the Hill for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

“Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.” were the words I used to describe the read. I am a huge fan of Katherine Center’s. She’s talented, genuine, and intentional with crafting her stories. Once again, an auto-buy author for me doesn’t disappoint. In fact, this is my new favorite of hers.

I’ve linked The Bodyguard for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

It’s rare that I choose to pick up a non-fiction self-help book and even more rare for me to give it five stars. I don’t think it’s happened until now. I listened to this book on audio in a day and then immediately purchased a hard copy so I could reread and annotate it. It is filled with logical reasoning for implementing positive habits and breaking bad ones. Absolutely enlightening!

I’ve linked Atomic Habits for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

I’ll start by sharing this is the second book in a series. You can find the first Finlay Donovan book HERE. If you’re familiar with Finlay, then you know how funny and quirky she is! She’s finally gotten herself out of being wrapped up in murder for hire, but now someone is out to kill her ex-husband. I have LOVED following this series!

I’ve linked Finlay Donvan Knocks ‘Em Dead for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

The Night Shift was a wonderful 90’s crime thriller! On New Year’s Even 1999, four employees at a Blockbuster Video were attacked and only one survived. Fifteen years later and in the same town, there’s been a similar attack at an ice cream shop. The lone survivor of the first attack must relive that terrible time in order to help detectives solve this case.

I’ve linked The Night Shift for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

Shadows of Pecan Hollow is looking like it may be my favorite read of the year. It took ahold of me and I felt like I was living through the gritty experiences of the main character, Kit. This is a book that carries some really hard topics, but it’s one that has stayed with me the entire year. If you read one book from this list, let it be this one.

I’ve linked Shadows of Pecan Hollow for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

Poignant, reflective, contemplative. Those are all common descriptors of Serle’s writing, but this one was special to me. There are lines of advice in this book that hit me square in the face. Set within the gorgeous scenery of Positano, Italy, One Italian Summer had me crying, laughing, and hopeful.

I’ve linked One Italian Summer for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

Told from the perspective of a young Maddie Sykes, this is a story of women standing up for what is right in a post-war tobacco industry. When Maddie sees unsafe and unethical practices in the town’s tobacco plant, she sets on a mission to expose the truth. But, the truth doesn’t come without costs.

I’ve linked The Tobacco Wives for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

Oh, wrap me up in a cuddly blanket and give me this book! It is cozy, joyful happiness with a refreshing dose of reality. The coworkers to lovers trope, the imperfections in personality, and the humor that Solomon brings in this book makes me want to read it again for the first time!

I’ve linked Weather Girl for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

Competing with Shadows of Pecan Hollow for favorite book of the year is Lessons in Chemistry. This historical fiction centers on a female scientist who becomes the nation’s first on-air cooking host. Through educating and empowering her audience of primarily women she breaks the status quo on more than one occasion and refuses to fit into the mold of homemaker.

I’ve linked Lessons in Chemistry for you at Amazon, Bookshop.org, and Libro.fm

You can check out other recommendations at my Amazon Storefront!

I’d love to know which you pick up next! Leave me a comment and let me know!

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