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Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

Welcome, friends!

Chances are, if you’re reading this we probably are actually friends. If we’re not yet, I look forward to getting to know you! This is the launch of something new for me and The Bookcase Beauty. What began as a small Instagram page to chronicle my thoughts and reflect on books has grown into a space for cultivating connections through many different hobbies and interests! Over on Instagram, I know readers, teachers, lifestyle influencers, home decorators, beauty enthusiasts, and travelers.

As I’ve grown and connected with so many others, I’ve felt a little constrained when it comes to sharing my content. It’s felt a little disjointed, trying to share all that I want from these difference facets of life all on one feed. The streamline look that my IG profile once had, now feels a little more like small glimpses into my life on a larger scale. These glimpses have brought in new perspectives and voices and have created a stronger community of people actively looking for the beauty in life.

But, small glimpses are not where the real connections lie. Small glimpses are how we end up comparing ourselves based algorithms, likes, and brightly colored photos. This had lead me to realize that there’s so much more for us to share with each other and that I WANT to share with you.

As The Bookcase Beauty has grown, I’ve set my sights on cultivating deeper connection. Having a pretty esthetic is a bonus, but not my main mission in taking on this type of commitment. With the growth of a website, I hope that The Bookcase Beauty will become an even stronger place for people to share, find joy, and seek the beauty in life.

I’m happy you’re here! Thanks for joining me!



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